Expert Sketch-Off

Too often beginners think they need some kind of crazy expertise instead of common sense. This activity demonstrates how little difference there can be between the actions of an expert and someone using plain ol’ common sense.

Participants: Ask for two brave volunteers, one who feels they’re an “expert” and one who feels they’re a “beginner”. This activity is appropriate for in-person workshops.

Materials: white board or flip chart paper + markers. Ideally on opposite sides of the room, or arranged so that two people can work at them without the other seeing what they’re doing.

Activity: display a design file on the overhead (this can also be printed in a workbook). Ask the participants to create the wire frame of the design. Limit the time and encourage them to go with their gut.

Anticipated outcome: Typically one wire frame will be very detailed and one will be very sparse. The sparse one, often completed by the “beginner”, is closer to the desired wire frame. In both cases though the wire frame does reflect the design showing that the basics don’t require specialized knowledge. Discuss the outcome with the class and have the participants sketch the wire frame into their own workbook.