A New Funding Model for Curriculum

(This was originally a blog post for a course which ran in 2012.)

I’m putting together the sales information for the new course that I’m writing with Lorna. We’ve opted for a new funding model for the workshop. It is very much based on the idea of a Kickstarter “prepaid” project. It is also very similar to the format I’ve used for one of my other workshops where I required a minimum number of registrants and agreed to give a free license to the content so that participants could reuse as much of the material as possible. From the sales page:

Seats in this course are being sold in a non-traditional manner. We like to think of the sales model as a kick-starter for curriculum. We are selling 25 group seats in the program. Each company that buys a seat may send as many attendees as they would like. The course will only run if a minimum of 10 seats are sold. If all 25 seats are sold the full curriculum, including teacher resources, will be released as GPL and made available for other training companies to deliver. Companies buying a seat in the program will be eligible to have their logo included in the course material and be recognized as a sponsor of the program.

Company seats are available for $1500USD. On registration, you will be contacted via email with an invoice. Seats are only confirmed when payment is received. First paid, first served. As there are only 25 spaces available, we encourage you to register early for this program.