Putting Video in Order

This week I’ve been plugging away at a contract to make videos for my Drupal User’s Guide. I’ve had a linear outline for ages, but something wasn’t clicking. Everything was based on concepts and there was no real “hook” into the information. Using a structure I’d come up with for another class this spring, I pulled out my trusty lesson plan template and started to restructure the content. It only took a little bit of shuffling to fix the narrative.

Then I took my revised outline and put it into a spreadsheet. The columns include:

  • Lesson title
  • Topic and sub-topic
  • Content notes (sub-sub-topics)
  • Delivery notes (concept, procedure, process or principle; slide or procedural screencast)
  • Name of the file to record (i.e. my TODO column)
  • Name of the file if already recorded

I don’t normally use spreadsheets to organize myself into actionable items but the TODO column is pretty awesome. (Those of you who use spreadsheets already know this.) Suddenly something that’s been an albatross to get going on seems exciting again.

Do you have any sure-fire planning aids you turn to when you’re stuck?