Recording Workshops

When I first started teaching Web tech at community colleges (more than a decade ago) we recorded our practice teaching sessions. I never seemed to find the time to go back and review the video though.

Today, whenever I can, I record my training sessions and provide the video to the students for review. I know my students appreciate the safety net of being able to go back and review the materials. It gives them the freedom to let some topics “go”, knowing they can review the video later if they need to.

It only adds a little bit of extra time to set up. Rendering the video can generally be done as a background process (even though it takes forever), making an overall addition of 1-2 hours of time per day of training. Even if I could carve out the time to go back and review my own videos, I wonder if I’d know how to perform a useful critique of my own work. I definitely know how to be hard on myself…but being critical is hardly the same as receive a genuinely useful critique.

Do you ever review your own video recorded teaching? What criteria do you use to constructively evaluate yourself? How do you track progress? (Do you even track progress at all?) I’d love to hear more about your personal rubric…be it formal or “merely” a mental note to self.