Speaker Training (DrupalCon recordings)

With 20+ years of public speaking and training experience, it was inevitable that I would end up teaching others the tricks of the trade. The first "speaker training" I delivered was to Linux and Perl user groups over a decade ago. Since 2009, I've been working with the Drupal community to offer free speaker training and/or one-on-one support to its speakers. I have delivered the DrupalCon training several times in multiple formats: 1/2 day workshop the week of the conference, 3-part webinar, and a single hour conference session. Below are a few of the recordings, and their related slides.


Variations of this three part webinar were delivered circa 2011-13 for DrupalCon Portland, DrupalCon Denver, and DrupalCon Munich.



  • Presenting You! - slides (delivered at: DrupalCon Washington DC in 2009, and DrupalCon San Francisco in 2010)